Artists collaborating with Susanita

Ana Addams

Behind Ana Addams is Ana Aranoa, a Fine Arts graduate born in Argentina and living in Pamplona (Spain) that has been away from art for a long time and involved in teaching and maternity, that restarted her passion for drawing, painting and engraving, with sense of humor and love for retro style and pop culture in the shape of paintings, prints and collages.

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Oliver Akuin

Oliver Akuin is a Los Angeles based designer, animator & illustrator. He is currently working on Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time & Fluent Flyers Design Co., a t-shirt/design company he started with his brother. Oliver loves the retro jet set era of the 1950s, old cartoons & video games. It often influences his own art. He also loves travelling, music & soccer (football)!

Rubén Alcalde

He was born one September, he went to Pau Vila School and used to play to hide and seek in the street Fridays night. He lives in Esparreguera, Spain, he loves to see snowing, listen to the rain and the beginning of summer smell. He loves drawing tales and fables with tempera and watercolor.

Iria Aldrey

She is a young illustrator and designer from Galicia, Spain. She studies Graphic Design at the Principado de Asturias Art School. She mainly works digital illustration, doing previously traditional sketches. She finds her inspiration in the world that surrounds her, 80’s movies, fashion and cats way of life. She grew up watching Disney and Pixar movies, which are her main refers when she expresses her creations.

Mayte Alvarado

She works as a graphic artist in a small audiovisual production company. A bit tired of spending so much time in front of the computer screen, she took her first steps in illustration with self publishing fanzines Historias Mínimas and Historias Mínimas 2. She recognizes that she has the bad habit of drawing in bed She lives in Badajoz, with two cats and Borja, her partnership in Los Ninjas Polacos, and in everything else.

Lorena Alvarez Gómez

Lorena Alvarez is a freelance illustrator, from Bogotá, Colombia, based in USA. Lorena’s work shows her interest in color language and technical experimentation; she sees her own portfolio as a project in constant evolution. Her work has been published in fashion magazines, children books and independent projects. Some of her clients include Alfaguara Editorial, McGraw Hill, Oxford and Televisa Editorial. Lorena collaborated as a main Illustrator for TU magazine, a popular Latin - American teen magazine.

Verónica Álvarez

Verónica Álvarez is an illustrator and color artist born in Madrid in the late 80`s. From the beginning she was influenced by Disney, Manga and videogames, but lately she feels a special attraction for “Riquiño Art”. Her first publication was “The Workshop” (El Taller) a compilation of 14 short stories orchestrated by Kenny Ruíz. She has worked as freelance doing videogames designs, illustration children´s wear collections, etc. At present she works as Color Artist at Ilion Studios.

Marta Anaïs

Marta Anaïs was born in Madrid in 1979. In this city, she got her degree in Design at the art school C.E.N.P, and in Fine Arts at U.C.M. Since 2005, she works as cartoonist and graphics artist, and has worked for textile designs and in the production department from Publico newspaper. As illustrator she has work for publishers like Bruño, Susaeta, Libsa, Jubilo, Diario 20 Minutos, Publico… Actually she combined illustration with her Thesis. You can read the entry about him in Susanita’s Little Gallery’s blog: “Marta Anaïs and her dear monsters”

Jared Andrew Schorr

Jared Andrew Schorr is an illustrator living in Southern California. He received a BFA in illustration from the Art Center College of Design in 2009. Schorr specializes in creating fun and detailed work entirely from cut paper. His work has appeared in the pages of The New York Times, GOOD Magazine, and WIRED. A few of his clients include Poketo and NPR. His work can also be found in group exhibits at Gallery Nucleus, The Shelburne Museum and Space15Twenty

Ashlyn Anstee

Ashlyn Anstee is a story artist/illustrator from Canada. She likes to make animation films, paint things in gouache, and make tiny structures out of paper. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

Ramón Anteportalatina

Ramón, Ra, ramonien o Anteportalatina (how you want to call him) was born in the 70’s in France and left his nest in Salamanca, Spain, in 1994 when he went to live in Barcelona to finish his Fine arts degree. If you have in consideration that his grandpa loved Sabrina’s tits in New Year’s Eve tv shows, that he wanted to be singer in Sigue Sigue Sputnik, that at his home every year everyone watched Eurovision, and that he can’t understand life without pop, punk, glam, kitsch, drawing, painting, baroque, animals or extraterrestrial life; you will understand part of his neo-surrealist-pop universe. He lives in Madrid from 2007 teaching drawing in secondary school, but previously he worked as graphic designer, interior designer, publicist, cartoon animation, illustrator, on third rate bars and giving life to one of his alter-ego: “Alexis Coxis” (but that very special “girl” with 25 cm platform shoes would deserve another biography)

Roberto Argüelles

Graphic designer from Vigo, Spain. Influenced by comics, bizarre cinema, punk, Hanna-Barbera and Tex Avery animation series, classic horror movies monsters and lots of Rock & Roll!!!

Maroto Bambinomonkey

Maroto Bambinomonkey was born in Madrid in 1979. He is one of the main figures in animation and illustration advertising world principally for his character designs. He works mainly on international projects. Among his multiple customers there Blind, Psyop, Selloby, Canal+ or Cartoon Network.

Mik Baro

Mik Baro (León, Spain 1978) studied Engraving and Printing Techniques at Escuela de Arte de León (1999) and graduated in Fine Arts from the Facultad de San Carlos in Valencia (2005). Beyond academics, his main visual reference materials are comics, vinyl covers, t-shirts and posters hanging on bar and street walls. He currently resides in Valencia where he has developed his career as a freelancer in illustration and graphic design, working overall with a dedicated passion in graphics for music. On demand by music promoters, Spanish and International music labels, and many artists themselves, he has created countless record covers, posters and merchandise designs. Over the last fifteen years, as an undeniable fan of rock'n'roll, he has been shaping graphic identities for the music and its fans.

Brigette Barrager

Brigette Barrager is an artist, designer, illustrator and writer of children’s books. She attended the California Institute of the Arts for Character Animation, where she earned herself a degree. Brigette spent some time at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios before taking the plunge into freelance, where she’s lived happily ever after. She resides in Los Angeles with her handsome husband and cute doggy.

Koldo Barroso

Born in Madrid, he moved to Seattle, USA in 2008 after marrying her creative partner, designer Naomi Niles. He have worked in different types of creative projects, including art, music, books and video with a special interest to combine different creative fields and to experiment multi-creativity in its full dimension.

Betsy Bauer

A child of the late 80's, Betsy was born and raised (mostly) in a small suburb of Akron, Ohio. She became smitten with the idea of working in feature animation at only 5 years of age after watching Disney's “The Lion King”. Now she's living her dreams, working as a Visual Development artist at Digital Domain's Tradition Studios on the upcoming feature film The Legend of Tembo. She mostly works with Photoshop and a Cintiq, but enjoys going outdoors to sketch or paint on location. When Betsy is not making artwork, you might find her laying on the beach reading a good book or taking a walk with her dog, Kobie. You can read the entry about her at Susanita’s Little Gallery’s blog here: Betsy Bauer and her sparkling hand.

Juan Bauty

Juan Bauty is a children and youths books illustrator. He was born in Barcelona in 1974, lives in Zaragoza, Spain, from 1980, and he gets his Fine arts degree in 1994. He has published four books as an illustrator so far. His angular style contains influences from cinema and from fantasy paintings and illustration. His techniques are digital and traditional, and sometimes he mixes both of them. You can read the entry about him in Susanita’s Little Gallery’s blog: “Juan Bauty, the illustrator dream”

Courtney Bernard

Courtney Bernard is an illustrator hailing from a small town on the cusp of Flint, Michigan, USA. Her parents encouraged creativity and storytelling well into her high school years, and she eventually found her way to the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, where she majored in Illustration and minored in Entertainment Arts. Since graduating from CCS in 2012 and striking out into the "real world," she has been working as a freelance illustrator in New York City.

Eren Blanquet Unten

Eren is an artist living in Burbank, California. She loves animation, illustration, reading, chocolate and Golden Books, two of which she illustrated recently. She also exhibits in several collective shows in renowned art galleries worldwide like Nucleus, Daniel Maguen or Bear and Bird.

Emanuel Bonchèr

He is an artist living in Zaragoza, Spain. His passion is sewing and embroidering to make soft characters and illustrations. Recently he has done an illustrations collection based on classic tales, “Los Cuentos Zurcidos”, with which he has led an exhibition.

Rozenn Bothuon

Rozenn Bothuon was born in 1986 in Brittany, France. When she was a child, she wanted to live in a tepee as an apache chief and she spent much time to read “How to live like an Indian", but she finally realized that being an apache chief is not really a job. Now she is an illustrator and she is working for edition and child magazines. Her work has already been exhibited in the United States and in France. She is inspired by many things, her child memories, simple life, the Jazz, Blues and 60' music,  the retro designs, the 50's -70's European children books and folk. Most of her works are digital illustrations but she is also interested in design which led her to experiment with other media and work on objects. She is also working on volumes with her boyfriend. When she is not drawing somewhere, she enjoys playing ukulele, cooking and reinventing the world with her friends over a couple of drinks.

Caroline Boyk

Caroline was born in Chicago in the late 80s. Her family moved to Pennsylvania when she was young and they have resided there ever since. She went to Ringling College in Florida where she graduated as an illustration major. Currently she works in fashion as a print designer, but also does freelance illustration and resides just outside of Philadelphia. Her favorite media is paper, but she also works in pencil and acrylic. Caroline is most inspired by animals and nature; her favorite subjects are her two dogs Elle and Slider.

Mr Bratto

Mr Bratto, a Spanish multidisciplinary artist, started painting since really little. Since then he has made record covers for bands all around the world, comics for fanzines like Roctober (Chicago), Qué Suerte! or TMEO, and has published his own fanzines since he was 6 years old. He has also tattooed, plays in his band Los Ass-draggers , is a DJ, runs the WEIRDO BAR and a long etc… Actually he stills painting any odd idea that comes to his mind and all that is surrounding him, it doesn’t matter if it’s a first communion dress or her beloved one quilt.

Britni Brault

was raised in Anaheim, California and currently lives by the beach. She has been married for seven years and has a five year old daughter and a newborn baby. She graduated from Santiago Canyon College with an AA degree in liberal arts. Her love of art began in kindergarten when she created drawings of a fantasy world led by a princess with servant/friend M&M like characters. Since then she has studied and practiced various disciplines of art including charcoal, pastels, gouache, water-color, digital, animation, and paper sculpture. She currently works as a free-lance artist and has art in various galleries and stores.

Fran Bravo

Fran Bravo was born in Ceuta, Spain, in 1975. He studied Fine Arts in Granada and Animation in Prague. He has been working in illustration and animation with different roles: director, art director, character designer, story-boarder and animator. Apart from using digital media, he works with watercolor, gouache and xylography. He lives with his family and an adopted cat in a little village in Mallorca.

Steve Casino

Born in 1966, Steve Casino grew up in rural Pennsylvania. He cites early influences as Hanna Barbara cartoons and Wacky Packages.

Elysa Castro

Elisabeth Castro Martínez was born in Granada the 15 of October of 1982 and since very little she painted her home chairs. Right now focus her work with international publishings as a children books illustrator, but combining it with design and animation projects where she does the visual development. Together with veterans she was introduced in the cinema production companies, what helped her to share work and to meet big professionals. As every “artist and person” she expects not to stop learning, because she is very demanding with her own work and the key is in thrill and perseverance, but above all in hard job to get a good result. That work, where moral value that her loving ones contribute to her and natural world amazement, are the foundation of her sketch book and great part of her artwork.

Thierry Cattant

He is a French illustrator who was born and lives in Marseille. He works at home. His work is digital, but first he draws on paper with lead pencil, then he works with illustrator for the shapes and finishes with his wacom tablet for the colors by photoshop. His influences are mainly cartoon-retro and vintage cover albums of latin music. You can read the entry about him at Susanita’s Little Gallery’s blog: Thierry Cattant, the “grand Monsieur” of Illustration

Alina Chau

Alina received her Master of Fine Arts in Animation from University of California, Los Angeles, School of Theater, Film and Television in 2001. She has over eight years of Hollywood production experience in the animation and gaming industries. Currently, she works for LucasFilm on the Clone Wars animated series as a 3D story artist.

Fran Collado

Fran Collado is a geometry mistake, but very attractive. He was born in 1984, that year he ate well and a lot, and he didn’t stop doing it since. He studies Fine Arts in Cuenca, Spain, where he learned that he didn’t want to be an artist, so he decided himself for illustration. Since he finished University, he has been illustrating several book like "Veinte historias más una", "El planeta de los árboles de Navidad" both from Gianni Rodari, or "Mi vecino de abajo" from Daniel Nesquens. He has published “Rabanos” a humor cartoons book, and he has also taken part in “Hotel Safari” fanzine and the weird webcomic “"El heptágono de las Bermudas". According to him, he is the Babia island emperor, but being a nice person. He loves armadillos and doing magic tricks.

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Juanjo Cuerda

Juanjo Cuerda (Valencia, Spain, 1978) is graduated in Audiovisual Comunication in CEU San Pablo University, and in Animation at ECAM. He has been working as an illustrator for magazines like Zero, Citicien and Shangay, among other ones. Since 2011 publish regularly in the satirical humour magazine El Jueves.

Pol Cunyat

Born in Sant Celoni (Barcelona, Spain) in 1979. Since little he dreamed with being a cartoonist, that’s why he studied animation and manga at Joso Comic school, after that he graduated in Illustration at Serra I Abella del Hospitalet Art School. He works as cartoonist, inker and freelance illustrator for different publishers and agencies. At the moment he daydreams with the intention of never waking up.

Cheyenne Curtis

Cheyenne was born in beautiful Montreal, Quebec. She graduated with a Bachelor in Animation from Sheridan College and is currently pursuing a career in the crazy world of animation. She likes to eat lots of sweets and enjoys things that are miniature in size.

Mélanie Daigle

Mélanie is an Acadian expat currently living in the big city of Toronto. She graduated from Sheridan College's Bachelor of Applied Arts - Animation program in 2010 and has been keeping busy as an animator ever since. She is obsessed with the illustrated book world, the beach, and lives by the motto "barefeet in a heartbeat".

Isuri Darayatne

Isuri Dayaratne is an Illustrator & Designer from Colombo, Sri Lanka. She recently graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, Ohio with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. Isuri is currently working as a freelance illustrator and designer.

Elena de Marcos

Elena de Marcos, native from Barcelona, Spain, since very little feels attracted by fine arts in all his ways; later she studied photography in Grisart school, where she specializes in auteur projects, and at the same time she studied children illustration in Escola Joso, and develops her style; Is then when laPeralimonera is born. Right now she is working in several projects as freelance illustrator, and making artworks in digital and traditional. Also she loves work on wood!

Gabi de la Merced

Gabi de la Merced, born in Madrid, Spain and animation student at the ECAM, has been combining since 2000 his job in color postproduction work with illustration and freelance designer, mostly in advertising. A lover of Hanna Barbera and Creepy evenly split, skate graphics, primitive rock ‘n’ roll, classical monsters and Spumco among many other things. He works in digital or in traditional media like printing, but with a special predilection for acrylics.

Astrid de Souris

Astrid de Souris is a freelancer French artist living in Nantes. She works primarily into digital but she likes to use gouache and watercolor for her traditional illustration. She has published for Magnitude 9 and CFSL with the publisher Ankama.

Sherry DeLorme

Sherry DeLorme was born on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming in 1980. Childhood memories of exploring the open plains and mountainous terrains of Wyoming, Sherry filled her simple world with fairies, mythical creatures and even ghosts from her Native American Heritage. Her love and fascination with animation lead her to San Francisco, Ca where the fairies, creatures and ghosts also followed her to college and helped hone her drawing and animation skills. She graduated with her BFA in Character Animation and AA in Illustration.

Esther Diana

Esther Diana is an illustrator born in Sevilla, Spain. She moved to Madrid when she was offered to work as conceptual artists in the videogames company Pyro Studio, where she stills working in new graphic adventures. After finishing Fine Arts studies and for the last 14 years she has taking part in lots of multimedia projects and publishing companies, being a regular collaborator of ABC newspaper and the Ministry of Education. Since very little she is in love of animation and children’s book, and she feels lucky to combine her job with personal projects and collaborations.

Juan Díaz-Faes

Juan Díaz-Faes (Oviedo, 1982). Lively and eager by nature, divides his energy among investigation, graphic and audiovisual world, in which he Works as cameraman in several TV, advertising and musical productions. He has directed the documentary “Eremita Stew”, awarded in the International Cinema Festival of Gijon. He does profesional drawing for almost two years. Currently publish periodically in magazines like Yorokobu and Ling. He is one of the memebers of the comic publishing Ultrarradio, to promote comic diffusion in all his aspects and where he has published his first individual story, Leónido Lemmy (Ultrarradio, 2012). He has also taken part in Cortocuentos 2 (Astiberri, 2012). He has done different investigations for the UCM and the UAM about creativity, the creativity process and the relation with quality of life.

Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan is a UK based illustrator and comic artist. He's been a regular contributor to UK newspaper the Guardian since 1999 as well as producing illustrations and comic strips for magazines and publishers around the world including the NME, MAD magazine, Mojo, Q, and The Radio Times. His artwork has also graced the covers of records by artists such as The Black Eyed Peas and The Jungle Brothers.


His nickname is ElChack (Borja Chacón Honorato), lives in Albacete, full-blooded Manchegan, he loves bad taste horror movies, his mother manchego gazpacho, ninjas, the beat and the applauds. His specialty is illustration for children and youths, and also comic and graphic design. Right now he is working for different production companies and agencies, he teaches in workshops related to drawing, and is working in his first children’s comic book that will see the light very soon.

Cocotte en Papier

She is a French free-lance illustrator living in Haute-Savoie, near Genèva... her work is often in digital. She mixes technicals and textures.... Her artworks are very colorful... She loves drawing people staged in the forest

Genie Espinosa

Genie is an illustrator living in Barcelona. She has been illustrating children books, doing character designer, greeting cards… Vectorial and self-taught, she is inspired by all the special things she can find day by day. She loves cats, cupcakes and color palettes!

Nae Esteban & Marc Gras

Nae Esteban was born in Alicante named Esther, but son for artistic reasons she ended to adopt the name of Nae. She studied art, fashion design and pattern making. With what she learned she created her own puppets, complements and several nonsense label Dagga-da-yum. Her artistic concerns move as much as she does. She is currently living in a village in Barcelona. She is a Tyrannosaurus Books founding member, where she works as children’s editor among other things.
Marc Gras was born in Barcelona in 1979, and after going to several schools where he didn’t learn anything he decided to study graphic design. However along the years he has shaped his own career into writing and audiovisual. He is the author of several books and right now he directs the audiovisual production and publisher company Tyrannosaurus Books. He is a huge Batman fan.

Irene Fenollar

Irene Fenollar really enjoys painting in different supports. She’s hard-worker, sensitive and very observer. She likes searching book shops where to spend hours enjoying books illustrations and eating chocolate. Graduated in Fine Arts at the Politécnica University in Valencia, she is now in Barcelona reinforcing herself as an animator combining it with her professional life. In 2012 she has published her first illustrated book with Pintar-Pintar publisher and making solo exhibitions in Valencia and Alicante, and taking part in collective shows in European cities like Oporto, Munich, Milán o Laren with Ó! Galería (Portugal) y Galería Gaudí (Madrid). Right now she works with several magazines and in future art shows.

Eva Figueroa

She was born and raised in Granada, Spain, watching cartoons and drawing her own characters and stories when TV was not enough. Currently she makes a living with that, working as animator and illustrator. She is always o some project, because if she has nothing to do she gets crazy and destroys cities. If you keep your homes save is because she is working for Hampa Studio, Ink Apache or Frame Over, among other studios. Her passions are giving live to her stores in her spare time, play videogames with Juan Pedro Arroyo, caress cats and dinning noodles.

Michael Flemming

Illustrator Michael Fleming has been drawing fantastic scenes on various surfaces since the age of three. His colorful work blends a love of nature and monsters with a dash of the mischievous. Clients he has worked with include Random House, Lucasfilm, Scholastic, Google, American Greetings and many more. He lives on the mysterious island of Alameda with his wife, two cats, and two dogs.

Kali Fontecchio

Kali Fontecchio is a cartoonist living and working in California in the animation industry. She has been working for tv shows like The Looney Tunes Show, Yo! Gabba Gabba or Rick and Morty. Actually she is working Walt Disney Television Animation as a designer.

TIffany Ford

Tiffany Ford is a LA-based artist, with a background in animation, illustration, and comics. She attended both California Institute of the Arts as well as California State University Northridge to study animation. She loves pizza, Forrest Gump, and making inappropriate drawings for her friends.

Marine Franiatte

Marine Franiatte was born in France in 1987, she moved to Paris to study product design, and developed her illustration skills as a hobby thanks to her first blog: . She graduated in 2010 and now is a toy designer and a freelance illustrator in Paris. She enjoys nature, Sylvanian family, Adventure Time, watermelons ... and a lots of different hobbies like learning ukulele, roller derby, and knitting... She is actually available for illustration works, particularly wedding or birth announcements as she likes to make people touched and happy with her work.

Genevieve FT

Genevieve is a cheerful illustrator and concept artist from Montreal, Canada. She studied 2D animation for 6 years, creating no less than 7 animated short films. During those years she discovers a profound love for visual development and illustration. She is now working in the game industry as a concept artist while working on the side on her personal project, like her pin up calendar.

Helena Garcia

From South Florida with and BFA in Illustration at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota. Helena enjoys creating designs and paintings with fanciful shape. They include Young girls, animals and some other things. Her customers include the USA Girls Scouts, Bitch Magazine, Bust Magazine, INQ Social Mobile, UTNE Reader, Emusica Records, Sanrio and Canadian Family Magazine. When she is not working loves eating sweets, have naps with her Chihuahuas and watching movies.

David GJ

David was born in Madrid, a few months earlier than the movie Caveman, starred by Ringo Star, was premiered worldwide. Right away he felt enthusiasm by dinosaurs, monsters and Masters of the Universe. Influenced by his untie who took him to exhibitions and bought him painting boxes, soon started to draw superheroes and things with horns and lots of legs. Already in the secondary school he forgets his idea of being paleontologist, caused by watching to many times Jurassic Park, and focused in keep drawing during science lessons and history. On his first commission as an illustrator, he creates the characters for the children club “La Tribu Telepizza”. Since then he has taken part in several projects from which stand out the art of two musical videos (“Lágrimas sobre el café” by Aslándticos and “Vapor” by Antonio Vega). If you find him, maybe you can hire him.

Mab Graves

Mab Graves is a pop-surrealist artist/illustrator based out of Indiana, USA. She loves carnivals and strange creatures, tiny seashells, big-eyed dolls and fairy tales. Her dream pet would be a yellow fruit bat, or a nice old hedgehog with an eye patch, but if she couldn't have either of those, she would settle for a small green pixie or a friendly shadow.

Lauren Gregg

Lauren Gregg is an illustrator who has lived in a couple places. She makes paintings by herself and animations with her best friend (called Kangaroo Alliance). She has made things for Nickelodeon, Disney Television, Yo Gabba Gabba and even commercials about tampons and

Irais Guzmán

As a little girl her granma teached her sewing and knitting, she didn't stop since... self-taught in sewing, Graphic Designer and Illustrator, fan of vintage, colors, dogs, birds, Mexico and flowers she created the brand Tititown because she wanted really hard to live in a View Master, and that makes her very happy.

Alexandre Honoré

The illustrations of Alexandre Honoré are rife with unique fantastical elements, rich colours and poetic, dreamy mystique .

Kike Ibañez

He was born in San Sebastian in 1980 and lies in Madrid (Spain) since 1985. After studying graphic arts, graphic design and publishing production; and working in prepress workshops, magazines and in a newspaper; nowadays does graphic design and illustration.

Beatriz Iglesias

Born in an 80's warm summer at Madrid, Spain, she has always loved to draw and illustrate. She has moved few times because of work, and at 2009 she landed at Granada...a beautiful little city with an awesome cultural inheritance. There she lives happily with her big black cat and her big bearded boyfriend. Nowadays she is working at Kandor Graphics Animation Studios as artist, and she works as freelance illustrator too.


Ketódico is an illustrator from Madrid, Spain, who loves animation, especially when it tells good stories. Hi studied Animation in the Professional Drawing School in Madrid. Actually he works as a graphic designer and with telemarketing issues online, but what he enjoys the most is illustrating and creating characters. Among his clients are: Eroski, Inistolin, BBVA, Vodafone or Antena 3. You can read the entry about him at Susanita’s Little Gallery’s blog: Oy! How riquiño Ketódico is! :D


Kodomos (Raúl Vargas, Badalona, Spain 1978) studied art at the Art and Desing school Pau Gargallo in Badalona, where he specialized in illustration and animation, and developed the right languages to show his imaginary.

Andrew Kolb

Andrew is writing this bio. He is from Canada and prefers dessert before and after dinner. That's how he rolls.

Samantha Krause

Samantha was born and raised in San Diego, CA. She received her BFA in Illustration from the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, CA where she has lived for over ten years. She has held a variety of jobs, including everything from animation clean-up artist, to art director. She recently started her own company, POKEY!!! in 2011, in a effort to create art that directly benefits and draws attention to small community organizations. Current beneficiaries include Pug Rescue of San Diego County and The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica, with several more on the way in 2013. She shares her studio space with two beautiful cats, as well as a variety of photos, postcards, drawings and letters- all inspiration to interact and share with people everywhere and whenever possible.

Isabella Kung

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Isabella moved to the United States to continue her education at the age of 16. After moving around and exploring this new world for a few years, she finally landed in San Francisco, where she graduated from the Academy of Art University with a BFA in traditional illustration. Isabella has illustrated and published 2 books "Baby Steps" and "Leo's Job", and is currently working on her next one. She loves to paint, especially sweet, cute, gross, fun scary, charming, yummy, beautiful things!

Abigail Larson

Abigail is an illustrator of all things strange and macabre. Her work has been featured over the years in various galleries and publications in the United States and internationally - including New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Washington D.C., Paris, London, and (a little closer to home) the Edgar Allan Poe Museum. She's been featured in Spectrum Fantastic Art and Digital Artist Magazine, as well as multiple group shows and various publications. Her largest influences are Edward Gorey, Dr. Seuss, John William Waterhouse, and Arthur Rackham.

Alex Leighton

Alex Leighton aka Xander is a New Zealand based cartoonist, illustrator and designer. By day he makes stuff that makes him giggle at the animation studio he runs with his 2 buddies and by night he fights crime and paints stuff from his imagination and his childhood.

Loris Lora

Born and raised in Southern California, Loris Lora is an illustrator currently attending Art Center College of Design. Her influences include pop culture and colorful mid-century illustration/design. Loris will be featured in this year’s Society of Illustrators: 2012 Student Scholarship Competition exhibit.

Jose Luis Ocaña

He is an artist born and living in Malaga, Spain. Dedicated to 3d animation since 1997 and tired of digital media, he decides in 2010 to go back to his origins, draw and watercolor. Since then he has exhibited in Montreal and won a 3rd place at the Eric Woolfson tribute(Alan Parson Project). Recently he became one of the illustrators for Dar Al Hadaek in Lebanon, Merlin Publishers in Malta, Sepha editorial, in Malaga and santillana.

Victoria Maderna

Victoria is an Argentinian illustrator living in Toledo (Spain) with her better half, who is also an illustrator. There she draws, paints and produces huge amounts of pencil shavings trying to support her terrible addiction to books and comics.

Abraham Menéndez (Abe the Ape)

Abraham Menéndez is a not-so-young spanish designer who only aims to advance his career by showing his parents that his childhood drawing skills are more than a matter of lazy people and evil-doers. Illustrates for Chanel or Perrier among others.

Seb Mesnard

Illustrator and cartoon designer Seb Mesnard was born in late 70's in Paris, France. Seb is a classic monsters lover; he gets his inspiration from movies, soundtracks and children literature. His work is traditional using black ink with homemade micropencils to create highly detailed artworks. People he has worked for include Simon and schuster, Disney Europe, Xilam animation, Gaumont Alphamin... His work was exhibited in renowned galleries all around the world and he curated exhibitions in America and France such as Scissorhands 20th tribute, Nightmare before Christmas tribute, The book Show... Seb lives in Paris with his wife and two boys.

Steven Millington

Steven Millington, England 1969, is a graduate of the Bolton Institute of Fine and Applied Arts. His career began as an apprentice glass engraver; an apprenticeship that helped hone his skills in the technical aspects of penmanship, and that has held him in good stead ever since. Working in a style informed as much as inspired by the likes of Ronald Searle and Saul Steinberg, Steven Millington’s ouvre is distinctly Janus-faced, harking back to a pre Mac Book era of nib and Quink yet instinctively contemporary. His achievements are as long as they are broad, covering a range of projects to include; Books such as ‘The Perfectly Dressed Gentleman’ and ‘The Little Black Dress’ etiquette and style guides, cocktail books, and numerous iconoclastic volumes. Skate boards, skate shoes and, indeed, all things skate less the fish, for the highly successful cult skate team FLIP and Vans apparel. Various environmental animations for Earth Justice.

Jack Mircala

Jack Mircala is an illustrator born in Madrid, Spain, in 1968. He rescues from his childhood the handcrafts work, and gives to it an unusual artistic dimension. His work is meticulous, perfectionist, with a demonstrably poetic realism. Fascinated by the most extravagant imagery, his illustrations and tales explore the gothic and science fiction literature, fantasy cinema, or expressionist painting legacy. In his work disciplines like design, scenography and sculpture mix together.

Lorenzo Montatore

Loren was born, drew and died in Madrid aged 28. He came back to life in a little village in the depths of rural south of Spain, from where he actually does his tasks as “storyteller” and “annual publications painter”. In 2012 will come out his second comic: "¡Cuidado, que te asesinas!" (Be careful, or you will kill yourself!).

Miquel Montlló Ribó

Born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1984, studied in Escola Joso. At the age of 9 he got his first jobs in illustration and advertising field. In 2007 he joined the film producer Filmax for the animation movie “Nocturna”, an experience that lasted one year and a half. After that he was 3 years as freelance, working for videogames (Pendulo Studio) as background and character designer, in several advertising companies all around the country, in animation series from Spain and abroad, and collaborating in films like “A Magic Tale” and “Lo Imposible”. Currently he is living in Dublin, Ireland, doing comics for the Belgian publisher Dargaud.

Laura Moreno Yanguas

Was born in Madrid in 1985 and since little she knew she wanted to be a draftswoman, but later she left that dream till 8 years ago, when she started to get interested by design, and she ended up studying illustration. It helps her to love drawing and to find her way. Her first publishing was a comic strip in “El taller”, a 14 sort tale compilation by Kenny Ruiz, and after that she started to do jobs for magazines like "Babylon Magazyne". These days publish in the “Excelente” magazine and works as freelance illustrator and designer with the intention of working in what she loves, children’s world. She is finding her way, with lots of stories on her head and really wanting to learn and still surrounded for such great people.

Paulo Mosca

Paulo Mosca is a dipterean illustrator, a very common and annoying bug, it is about six millimeters long, with a plum black body, elliptical head, popping compound eyes, transparent wings crossed with nerves, long legs equipped with nails and suckers and a proboscis (a trunk-type mouth) to suck all sorts of substances to feed.

Soizic Mouton

Soizic Mouton is a French illustrator (mostly for children) and she lives and works in Paris for an animation studio.

Neiko Ng

Neiko Ng was raised and born in Macao, China. She is currently studying illustration in San Francisco. Her art work is characterized by rich details, color and beautiful texture. She enjoys doing papercut illustration and painting in gouache.


She was born the 19 of August of 1981 in Malaga, Spain. She remembers herself drawing since she was very little. As long as there were pencils and papers there was no kid, which her mother appreciated with no doubt. So she has chosen an occupation that allowed her to keep drawing, and that’s why she applied to study Graphic Design and Publicity. Since she finished her studies has been working like graphic designer and illustrator in fashion, publishing, advertising, etc… Her favorite artists are the impressionists and like many of them she loves oriental culture. In the same way, comics and music are essential to her. She always puts some music on, usually rock music. She enjoys painting with watercolor and ink, but she must admit that has succumbed to the neatness and comfort of PC. On her work she tries to show off the dark side of children imagination, their terrors, innocence, fantasy...

Juan P Arroyo

Juan Pedro Arroyo Molina, 1988, Illustrator and character animator, impressed by Disney classic animation and after being in secondary school drawing instead paying attention to the lessons, he made the decision of studyng Fine Arts in Granada, Spain, where he gives his first steps in animation. He moves to Valencia where he specializes and made the Animation Master in the Politécnica University. Is in Valencia where he gets his firsts industry jobs in Hampa studio and Ink Apache, among others. On those days he directs his first animated shorts, “La última Montaña” (The last Mountain) his latest one, done with his couple Eva Figueroa and Break. He alternates these projects with a varied illustration production very influenced by Disney style, Juanjo Guarnido work, Gorillas, videogames, cinema and much more things.


He is an Albacete artist living in Granada, Spain. He has been brought up by Spielberg, educated by Cartoon Network and inspired by Pixar, all this under the direction of Walt Disney. He is an illustrator and animation lover, with a life focused on cinema, videogames and above all, analogical art. He loves making pixel illustrations and use traditional media like colored crayons or gouache. Thanks to his tender creations he exhibits in renowned galleries all around the world.

Santiago Paredes

Freelance illustrator and designer graduated in Fine Arts at Pontevedra Faculty. A committed cartoonist, what he likes the most is to put his quill at Rock ‘n’ Roll service.

Pedro Pérez

Madrid, (1973), he left his studies at 17 to start working. In 1998 he joined up a small studio called Dirus Animation. Since then he does drawing and animation for living. Stands out his participation in making of movies like “Los Reyes Magos” or “El Cid, la leyenda”. He also contributes with Coca Coola or Disney Chanel advertising campaigns and is in charge of the story boards for the animation film “Planet 51” or "Las aventuras de Tadeo Jones". After this stage in cinema, he tries one's luck with comic world. In France, his first works were published in 2010, "L’” with Kantik Éditions. "Los tiburones de Rangiroa" is his first published álbum in Spain. Currently he’s back to cinema world where he Works as character designer and Storyboard artist in the animation studio Lightbox Entertainment.

Federico Piatti

Federico hails from the art mecca known as Rosario, Argentina. After a series of travelling adventures, including a brief flirtation with the Scottish winter, he finally established his lair in the ancient city of Toledo, Spain. He lives there with his partner in crime and spends his days drawing, painting, complaining and crafting stories mostly about flying rodents. He's a Gemini.

Maria Picassó

Maria Picassó i Piquer is a retired architect who devotes her life to illustrate all that surrounds her, from kids clothing to hard metal covers, videogames and music books. She loves dogs, cactus and making jokes that nobody understand in the most inappropriate moment. She has illustrated for HBO, Vodafone, Diario Las Américas, Pearson and San Miguel among others.

Israel Sanchez

Israel Sanchez studied illustration at California State University, Fullerton. He gets his inspiration from nature, good books and movies, and his friends. He prefers to paint in gouache and cel vinyl. His clients include Scholastic Inc., Disney Consumer Products, and Titmouse Animation.

Charles Santoso

Charles Santoso (Chao) is a concept artist and illustrator currently living in Sydney, Australia. He loves drawing very little things in a very little journal and dreams about funny wondrous creatures. He gathers inspiration from the curiosities he discovers going about his daily travels and weaves these two elements together to create narrative across whimsical dreamscapes. During the day he works at Animal Logic as a concept artist/art director and has been involved in various animated feature film and tv commercial projects.

Matt Saunders

Matt Saunders Is a freelance illustrator/director/animator/editor/Curator currently based in Leeds, UK. Clients have been based in LA, San Francisco, Brisbane, Paris, Rome and London. Some of the people he has worked with include Lucas Film, Chronicle Books, Channel four, Marks & Spencers Tiger Print, Atlantic Records, NUW Creative, Cath Kidston, Jeffrey Brown, Leeds Film Festival, BAF, Anorak magazine, Picasso Pictures, Spindle Magazine, Itch Design, Juxtapoz, Digital Artists, Belle and Sebastian and more. No client is too big or too small, any questions please feel free to drop him or his agents a line.

Benson Shum

Benson Shum was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He's currently an Animator at Walt Disney Animation studios, living in Burbank. He studied at Capilano University for 2d animation and 3d at Sheridan College. Disney and Warner Bros cartoons were big influences on him growing up. He's also a big fan of the Golden books!

Maria Simavilla

Maria Simavilla is an illustrator born in 1983 and raised in Salamanca, Spain, where she lives and shares study with an interesting way of looking dog and a web designer addicted to coffee with ice. To fight against her hermitage nature and avoid to completely camouflage with her work table, from time to time chooses a hen, puts her on a basket, and goes to the capital looking for new intellectual challenges. But only from time to time…

Fermín Solís

Fermín Solís is a children’s book illustrator and strip cartoonist who lives in Caceres, a small town to the west of Spain. He has published his comics in different countries like France, Canada or United States. He plays the ukulele and the electric guitar, and he loves watching cartoons with his two children and collecting t-shirts.

Naoshi Sunae

Naoshi Sunae, Japan, uses shiny colorful sand, she makes sand art (It's called SUNAE in Japanese) that portray surreal people living, the worlds they inhabit and their range of everyday thoughts and emotions-happiness, sorrow, and anxiety. She loves to make and She wants the world to know how much fun SUNAE is!

Ellen Surrey

Ellen is a Los Angeles based illustrator currently studying at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. She loves to create things that people of all ages can enjoy.

Louis Thomas

Louis is a freelance artist who is working for animation companies as Pixar, Sony, Cartoon Network, Illumination Mc Guff, JibJab... and also as an illustrator for book covers and magazines.

Rafa Toro

Rafa Toro is a multidisciplinary artist living in Córdoba, Spain. He has made illustrations for several books and has taken part on various productions as animator and designer. He has also executed a few video clips and animated spots.

Andrea Torrejón

Andre is a draftswoman from Madrid. She loves comics and animation, chocolate and 80’s movies. She has been working as illustrator and as concept artist, and draws comic books on her free time. Usually she works in digital, but she misses painbrushes.

Be Towers

She is a young Spanish illustrator and designer. She likes to draw strange characters and collect old books of illustration. Recently a book illustrated by her has been published, “En la plaza quieta”.


She was worn and raised (just a bit) in Logrono (La Rioja) Spain, a city with idiot rhymes in which she learned to draw in the art school café and from which she emigrated to don´t have to publically admit that she hates wine. Now she lives in Barcelona on the top of a hill, she has lots of dead plants on her balcony and a drawing table that serves to pile up papers, eat and create a card fountain in the free time.

Arica Tuesday

Arica Tuesday (aka The Critter) is actually two midgets in an overcoat. She lives in Burbank, Ca and collects vintage viewmasters, and dead things.

Jez Tuya

Jez is a freelance illustrator based in the land below down under, New Zealand, and he spends most of his time drawing airplanes, giant robots and army men. And when he’s not drawing, he enjoys reading about them instead.

Ryuku Uratsuji

She is a Japanese artist born in Hokkaido and living in Sapporo City. After the high school graduation, she worked on a web production company, but since 2001 she started as a free-lance illustrator. She is mainly doing cut-in illustration on magazines, and exhibiting her artworks all around the world.

Fawn Veerasunthorn

Fawn Veerasunthorn, a native of Thailand, she graduated with BFA in Media Studies from Columbus College of Art& Design in Ohio. She has worked as an animator and storyboard artist at the major studios such as Nickelodeon, Warner Bros., and Illumination Entertainment, where she worked on "Despicable Me: Minion Madness". She is currently a story artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, California, where she worked on an Academy Award winning "Frozen".

Jeff Victor

Jeff Victor studied art/design at the University of Kansas and has worked as an illustrator ever since. Jeff is working full time as a designer for Nickelodeon Games and as a freelance illustrator. Some of his clients include Warner Bros Animation, BBC/Create Media, National Geographic Kids, East West Animation, Playstation 2, HBO, DMS Films/Academy Awards, IFC, Bicycle Casino, K&Company, Hallmark Cards, and Universal Studios: Hollywood.

Jaime Villanueva

He was born in Toledo, Spain, in 1975. He studied Fine Arts in Cuenca, and afterwards was roaming from .com to .com learning the FLASH (4, of course) animation in and outs. Right now divides his cerebral hemispheres into Secondary School teaching and into Animation and Illustration.

Ed Warner

EdWarner© is an illustrator, ceramic modeler, craft and graphic designer based in Madrid, Spain. Mad toy lover and collector. Her studio and her home looks like little Toy Museums. She worked as a digital and traditional technique illustration teacher and character-graphic designer for other companies before falling in love with The Chestnut Girl©. Now she wants to Chestnutzate the world with her sweet character, putting 2 big buns in everything and giving them the characteristic shape. Love digital art, but sometimes needs to mess up her studio modeling a good ceramic piece. So definitely for Edwarner© everything looks better if looks like a Chestnut!!!


Wenyuri was born in Barcelona in Spring 1981. She stills living there. She started drawing since she could hold a pencil (before she just looked at what the other ones were doing), also since very little, helped out her mother making crafts. Precisely, looking at her mother sewing, she decided to study fashion. Soon she realized that fashion was no her thing, because she didnt understand anything about that weird world Later, by chance, she started an illustration course because there were no more vacancies in graphic design. The she rediscovered her vocation (because she already has it since little). She doesnt know how, but she ended up working in the fashion industry, and started her hobby collecting fabric samples ¡all colors and patterns! It came a day that she had so many fabrics that bubbled over doors and windows She should find a solution to get rid of all of them or they will end up suffocating her. And thats how she started flirting with dolls. Today they are good friends. Together, they invented Muselina trademark. By the way, she stills drawing and also painting. END.

Gabby Zapata

Gabby is a multicultural girl with Colombian and Mexican heritage. Mostly living in the US, she has lived in different parts of Mexico growing up as well. As of today, she is in Florida fulfilling her childhood dream of being a Visual Development artist in the animation industry. She is working at Digital Domain for their upcoming feature animated film, "The Legend of Tembo". Using mainly the Cintiq from work, she sometimes likes to sketch traditionally or paint with gouache. After work, she enjoys listening to happy mood music, playing with her adorable kitten, and cycling around the neighborhood until the sunsets down.