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Cover The Cover

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Cover The Cover

"Forever Changes + Adventure Time". Loren, 2012

The seventh Susanita’s Little Gallery exhibition “Cover the Cover” is about famous record covers mixed with children TV series. It will be starting by June the 10th of 2013, so works may be submitted by email by May the 9th of 2013. Remember that it’s the very last day.

The concept came inspired by Loren artwork mixing the Love cover with Adventure Time characters “Forever Changes + Adventure Time”. Here you can visit his . I found this artwork amazing, and the idea is so brilliant that I couldn’t resist doing something with it.

In this show are taking part 40 artists from the illustration and animation world from Argentina, Canada, France Spain and U.S.A. The 44 artworks in this show are organized by the date the covered records came out.

As usual 20% of the profits from the sales of this show will be donated to a charity or cause related to children.

So far each one of the art shows was dedicated to a specific Charity. However we have noticed that maybe this is not the best system. In several occasions we have seen some really urgent cases who need help in a precise moment, so, Why should we limited it in this way?

Through our facebook site, in our Children Charities Donations album :) you can see all the donations that we are making.