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Ramones 2nd Round

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Shinning Full Moon. Crazy Stars. (Naoshi Sunae) 1,2,3,4! (Steve Casino) All Rewed Up (Jonathan Edwards) Ramones (Benson Shum) Saint Joey of Carbona (Federico Piatti) Pet Sematary (Victoria Maderna) Forest Hills Streets (Rubén Alcalde) Top Cat (Rubén Alcalde) Jose Ramón (Paulo Mosca) COME ON NOW! I'm just a junk food guy- in memoriam Paco Rufus (Mik Baro) Rock 'n' Roll Tiki Lunch (Mik Baro) ABCDeeDee (Steven Millington) Gabba Gabba Hey (Jared Andrew Schorr) Fan (Pakoto) Das Portrat von General Colvin (Gabi de la Merced) The Gods of Punk (Pakoto) Los Patrones (Juan Díaz-Faes) Kill America (Ramón Anteportalatina) Tomorrow...the World! (Jaime Villanueva) Uno de nosotros (Jaime Villanueva) Joey Ramone (Ashlyn Anstee) I don't want to grow up! (Laura Moreno Yanguas) Hey Plate! Let's Go! (Abraham Menéndez (Abe the Ape)) 1,2,3,4 Ramones! (Miquel Montlló Ribó) Ramones Live in Toronto (Juanjo Cuerda) Brooklyn Ramones (Juanjo Cuerda)

Ramones 2nd Round

Two pictures of the Susanita's Little
Gallery section at the “Hey! Ho! Let’s Go! Ramones
and the Birth of Punk” exhibition in
Queens Museum, New York, 2016

The twelfth Susanita’s Little Gallery exhibition “Ramones 2nd Round” came up as an assignment from Marc H. Miller (owner of Gallery 98, New York) of curating a riquiño (cute) art section inspired in the Ramones for the main exhibiton “Hey! Ho! Let’s Go! Ramones and the Birth of Punk”, that opened in April the 10th at the Queens Museum, New York, and will be touring to L.A, and some other cities. He had previously seen the “Ramones: Gabba Gabba Hey” exhibition that we organized a few years ago, and that’s why he placed his confidence in Susana Rodriguez Escudero (curator at Susanita's Little Gallery).

In this show are taking part 21 artists from the illustration and animation world from Argentina, Canada, Spain U.K. and U.S.A. Each one of them has been free to create his artworks with his very own style. The result is a group of 26 artworks made with varied media: sculpture, acrylic, gouache, cut paper, digital…

We hope you enjoy it as much as the Ramones would do. Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!