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Sing That Movie!

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The Wizard Of Oz (Elysa Castro) Annie Get Your Gun (Courtney Bernard) Cinderella - Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (Caroline Boyk) Alice in Wonderland (Britni Brault) An American in Paris (Juan P Arroyo) The Tales of Hoffmann (Jose Luis Ocaña) Singin' In the Rain - Gotta Dance (Ellen Surrey) Singin' In the Rain - Casino (Ellen Surrey) Singin' In the Rain - Moses Suposses (Ellen Surrey) Peter Pan - The Mermaid Lagoon (Britni Brault) Peter Pan - Show me Neverland (Genevieve FT) The 5000 Fingers Of Dr. T - Bart (Seb Mesnard) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Kike Ibañez) Lady And The Tramp (Isabella Kung) The King and I - Hello young lovers (Alina Chau) Funny Face (Loris Lora) The Pied Piper of Hamelin (Charles Santoso) Sleeping Beauty (Betsy Bauer) Cinderfella (Pedro Pérez) Un Rayo de Luz (Be Towers) One Hundred And One Dalmatians (Elena de Marcos) The Parent Trap! (Eren Blanquet Unten) West Side Story 1 (Louis Thomas) West Side Story 2 (Louis Thomas) West Side Story 3 (Louis Thomas) The Sword In The Stone (Fran Bravo) A Hard Day's Night (Ashlyn Anstee) Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (Juanjo Cuerda) Mary Poppins (Soizic Mouton) My Fair Lady (Esther Diana) Pajama Party (Michael Flemming) Help! (Irene Fenollar) The Sound Of Music (Iria Aldrey) Camelot (Lorena Alvarez Gómez) Doctor Dolittle (Jared Andrew Schorr) The Fastest Guitar Alive (Santiago Paredes) The Jungle Book (Laura Moreno Yanguas) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (David GJ) Head (TIffany Ford) Oliver! (Arica Tuesday) Speedway (Genevieve FT) Yellow Submarine (Wenyuri) El Taxi De Los Conflictos (Lorenzo Montatore) Sweet Charity (Ana Addams) The Aristocats (Marine Franiatte) Peau D'Ane (Mayte Alvarado) Scrooge (Alexandre Honoré) Bedknobs And Broomsticks (Juan Bauty) The Boy Friend - You and Me (Neiko Ng) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - Oompa Loompa (Juan Bauty) Alice's Adventures In Wonderland (Abigail Larson) Charlotte's Web (Lauren Gregg) Jesus Christ Superstar (Beatriz Iglesias) Phantom of the Paradise (Rafa Toro) The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Andrea Torrejón) Pete's Dragon - Amigos de día (Pakoto) Pete's Dragon - Amigos de noche (Pakoto) Grease (Noneta) The Wiz - The Scarecrow (Israel Sanchez) Hair (Verónica Álvarez) The Muppet Movie (Nae Esteban & Marc Gras) Rock 'n' Roll High School (Betsy Bauer) La Guerra de los Niños (Rubén Alcalde) The Blues Brothers - We're on a mission from God (Miquel Montlló Ribó) Popeye (Juan Díaz-Faes) Annie (Cheyenne Curtis) Pink Floyd The Wall (Victoria Maderna) Labyrinth - You remind me of the babe! (Rafa Toro) Little Shop of Horrors (Marta Anaïs) Cry Baby (Roberto Argüelles)

Sing That Movie!

How many times have you left the cinema singing one of the songs performed by the main characters? And how many times have you watched at your home in your VHS or BETA player films once and again just because your favorite part was the musical act?

“Sing That Movie!” pretends to be a selection of those movies and the ones who include an unforgettable song scene, since sound films started, until 1991, when “Cry Baby” was released.

In this mentioned selection you won’t find movies about show business or biopics, as performance are a logical part of the plot. That’s why we tried to include musical films who avoid this kind of script, or movies in which those acts are something accidental or funny.

In this sixth show at Susanita’s Little Gallery, are taking part almost 70 illustration and animation artists form all around the world: Spain, France, U.S.A, Canada, China, Australia and Argentina.

I might add that the past February 23rd, it was a year since Susanita’s Little Gallery started with 13 artists and, right now, more than 80 artists took part in the themed shows.

Thanks a lot to everyone who make this possible.

Asociación ANDA

The Disabled Children and Youth Association from Alicante, Spain, is an action and intervention socio-psychoeducational and occupational entity which objective is to defend the rights and improve the quality of life of children and youth between 0 and 30 years old affected by any disability, and their families, with technical and specialized interventions, always guided by the social integration and standardization principles.

You can find more info in their web site: