What is Susanita's Little Gallery?

Susanita’s Little Gallery is the first Gallery in the world dedicated to Riquiño Art.

This online gallery, started in October 2011, but the first exhibition, ““Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, a Roald Dahl’s homonymous book tribute, has become a reality on February of 2012. That’s why we are growing and improving our processes, so we can give the best service possible.

Susanita’s Little Gallery, apart from being a Gallery, is a platform to promote and strengthen both emerging and recognized artists of this discipline, therefore we have created a blog dedicated to all of them.

The friendly Susanita Little, will guide you through this site.

Who is Susanita Little?

Susanita Little, is a tiny girl, who lives in a very little painting, hidden on a corner, from a superkalifragilistischexpiallegetisch family home.

In this house, when nobody can see her, she gets out of her little painting and travels around tale books the family have all around the shelves. It is the funniest thing in the world. The drawings that illustrate them are so pretty! They remind her a lot to the place where she comes from.

Wouldn’t you love to get into a world full of these happy and funny drawings? She names it “Riquiño Art”. And that is because the mum from the house where she lives, says a lot “riquiño” (pronounce it “rree-kee-nio”) for anything that is cute. :D It´s seems to be an expression from Galicia (a wonderful place on the northwest of Spain): “¡Que Riquiño!” (How cute!). It sounds so cool. :)

That´s why she decided to create a place dedicated to this artistic movement, that reflects so well her world, a very Riquiño world. ;D

Who is behind Susanita Little?

Behind Susanita, is the Gutierrez Rodriguez family, but mainly, the mother, Susana Rodriguez Escudero. She is the one you will contact directly. :D

Susana Rodríguez Escudero is a Galician born in Vigo, Spain, in 1975. Since she was very little she loved fairy tales and daydreaming with her own world, apart from drawing and painting. She collects illustrated books, children vinyls, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s merchandising from TV cartoons, very cute artworks, etc. In 1999 she got her Design and Audiovisual Degree in Fine Arts, and until recently she has been teaching plastic arts and drawing. In July 2011 she presented her dissertation “Cartoon films in Spain until 1966. Francisco Macián’s cinematographic projects at Estudios Macian” (El dibujo animado en España hasta 1966. Proyectos cinematográficos de Francisco Macián en los Estudios Macián). Currently, while directing Susanita’s Little Gallery, she keeps investigating about cartoon Spanish productions until the seventies.